Japanese Doctor Tsai says 99.99% Atopic Dermatitis Cure Without Medication

Absolutely fantastic referral! A practicing Japanese doctor named Dr. Tsai is in the business of curing all forms of atopic dermatitis including eczema, psoriasis, acne and basically all related diseases… has several linked websites full of information about his theories, pictures, methods of treatment. The problem is, there is a language divide, all his websites and books are in Japanese!


I have been using Google Translate to be able to read his website in English and I can say that this doctor really knows his stuff.   Truth in health is the same at any language anywhere around the world.  Read what Dr. Tsai says about atopic dermatitis:

Atopic dermatitis, a disease that I think was originally a simple, receive the wrong treatment from the beginning, it gradually became difficult disease. Atopic dermatitis is the most common occurrence in 12 years from age zero.

The first symptoms are itching, itching is hard, frustrating and not sleep well, so be mentally unstable. The wrong treatment, Symptoms of nervousness and nerve shot will become severe itching. Use chemicals and drugs such as anti-itch ointment, the side effects will gradually thick skin, the skin will become KAITA like elephant skin.

Treatment unless it wrong from the beginning, atopic dermatitis are all easily treatable. If the color of the treated patients was a mess for a long time in hospital, Atopic dermatitis can be treated in our clinic. However, it takes a little time. It takes time to eliminate the adverse effects of chemicals.

And another of his websites:

Atopy is a fact that should be cured

Atopy is the one I have treated more than 0 million.
98% of the patients was improved almost healed well.
Atopic and is said to be religiously radical is very easy to improve.
The report of the medical school but because atopic dies, this ointment and anti-allergic agent, I have brainwashed the foresight and knowledge of medical students with no choice but to deal with anti-itch medicine. The concepts and methods of modern medicine is now 治RIMASEN even after years.
Within the framework of modern medicine is never 100%治RIMASEN. Is now in force.

Doctors in various hospitals and professor of dermatology at University Hospital today, his treatment can not be rejected. The doctors are right and I treat myself.  It is very sad. Can not deny that genuinely overcome atopic skin disease and other professors of the university hospital patients is unhappy. PATTEIRUNODESU MAMATSU not feel they are wrong and how I’m doing. We will involve patients with more severe atopic dermatitis and will not regret this. Finally DrTSAI not force it. Too serious too,,,.

Atopy is a simple fact 治RIMASU. Patient and do not do that from the beginning of the drug and anti-itch ointment and anti-allergic agent is 100% if 治RIMASU 2-3 months. This is very clear and simple, the professors of the university hospital is not understood yet.
that this is folly.
Atopic and psoriatic patients are treated in our institute are to the severe deterioration in the end for many years with most chemicals. At my治RIMASU in these patients is good. Take too much of an anti-itch and anti-allergic agent, but in my therapy and worked治SHIMASU about the trouble.  The first is so important. It is wrong to the first one wrong.  I become so sick of life. From atopic dermatitis DrTSAI first as if to say that is completely cut off.  It is good to believe.

If you read Dr. Tsai’s website, he is very angry at the drugs, chemicals and ointments and very greedy businesses trying to make money out of people’s misery by making them even more miserable.  He says that these diseases are very easily curable and he has the theory and the practice and experience to  cure them all.

The best part is, he has branches of his clinics around the world!

Malaysia IPPOU clinic
Address: 45-45A, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara,
Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.
Tel No: (605) 548 1689
Fax No: (605) 548 7689
E-mail: enquiry@CareRemarks.com

Clinic Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Address: 18, (Ground Floor), Jalan 5/101C,
Cheras Business Centre,Taman Cheras, Cheras Business Centre, Taman Cheras,
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No: (603) 9132 6689
Fax No: (603) 9132 8689
E-mail: enquiry@CareRemarks.com

Vancouver Clinic Canada
Address: # 212-3823 Henning Drive
Buruaby,BC Canada V5C6P3
Tel No: (605) 548 1689
Fax No: (605) 548 7689
E-mail: enquiry@CareRemarks.com

Address: 319E,2ND ST #116
Los Angeles, CA.90012 USA
Tel No: 213-680-4954 213-680-4954

Address: 1669,8 Main ST
Milpitas CA 95035 USA Milpitas CA 95035 USA
Tel No: 408-7689059

If you can read Japanese, go to Dr. Tsai’s websites at http://www.tsaiclinic.co.jp and http://www.drtsai-hihu.biz/ and http://www.drtsai.biz/

If you cannot read Japanese, then you need Google Translate, visit http://translate.google.com and copy and paste Dr. Tsai’s website addresses and translate to your language!

If you have money, visit Dr. Tsai’s clinics and be well immediately.  I only request that YOU LEARN from his treatements because 100% CURE only happens when YOU PRACTICE everyday what you have learned, you live a cured lifestyle.  You will become as weird as I am.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Funny but true.

I know my friends and relatives think I’m weird… they did not see me get sick. But my friends and relatives who did see me get sick and got well understand really well why I am weird. The prize you get in being weird in today’s sick world is HEALTH.


  1. HARIDAS SAHA says:

    I have my son who is 27 years old now. He is suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since child hood. I am retired person now and living in Bangalore, India. How much money I need to have to visit Dr. Tsai’s clinic to make my son get cured, kindly if you can advise me.

  2. Please try calling one of Dr. Tsai’s offices listed. Best wishes.

  3. HARIDAS SAHA says:

    I am retired person and I am very poor. If some one can sponsor my son to take treatment from Dr. Tsai’s Clinic in Malaysia. I need kind help from anybody who is volunteer for sponsorship.

  4. http://www.careremarks.com/eng/articles.htm

    here is information about the clinic in english.

  5. Right on! Happy to join the weirdoes wagon!

  6. Pravah seeks to meet this goal and reach out to youth through educational institutions, thereby creating a large base of sensitive, well-informed people who can contribute to society in differ- ent ways. ,

  7. Snehasis Ganguly says:

    I am suffering of Atopic dermatitis since last 4 years.
    Kindly let me the treatment of this disease.

  8. hello sir i am manjari living in delhi suffering from this disease since three years very badly . i feel itching very badly all the time i cant sleep plzzzzz sir help me out what should i do . Plz sir mail me . i hope u will reply me as soon as possible.


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