Infant Eczema: The Medical Paradigm Ends with Dad – No Steroids – Ever

My brother’s months old son had rashes on his face. Being first time parents he was frantically looking for stuff to do. What was causing it? Is there anything they can put on his skin to fix it? I asked him to calm down and think. Rashes are a detox process. Let it out and it will go away. Whatever is causing it, stop doing it. The rashes don’t bother the little boy in any way. [Read more…]

Bugoy and I toy around with the idea of publishing Eczema and Psoriasis cure books separately

My brother Bugoy visited us last night to help celebrate my eldest son’s birthday.  It’s been a while since we got to talk and sit down together.  I brought up the idea of maybe publishing an eczema cure book from my point of view and a separate psoriasis cure book from his point of view. [Read more…]

Bugoy is fat and totally cured of his psoriasis

Bugoy passed by this evening.  I was surprised to see how plump he was with a round tummy.  I was happy to see him just like any dad happy to see his baby boy – we are some 11 years apart so this is why I sometimes mistake Bugoy for my son.  What really made me smile was that as I caressed his plump arms, I could feel them really smooth… as in really smooth.  Sure his pores have some vestige look of being enlarged, but now he is smooth as I hugged my plump baby boy. [Read more…]